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Wine 101 Thanksgiving Pairings

A Toast to Thanksgiving!

As we gear up for the season of gratitude and indulgence, let's add a touch of flair to our Thanksgiving feasts with the perfect wine pairings. Navigating the diverse symphony of flavors on your holiday plate can be an art, and we're here to turn your wine choices into a delightful celebration. So, buckle up as we embark on a journey to discover the ideal vino companions for your Thanksgiving spread!

Diverse Flavors, Dazzling Wines

Thanksgiving dinners are a culinary rollercoaster, offering a medley of savory, sweet, and tart delights. Picture the savory embrace of roast turkey, the sweet seduction of candied yams, and the tart zing of cranberries. To dance in harmony with this flavor extravaganza, we're diving into wines that will either waltz in contrast or tango in harmony with these delectable elements.

White or Red, Take Your Pick: The great white versus red debate is a crucial decision, but fear not – both have a place on your Thanksgiving table! If you're leaning towards the lighter, creamier side of dishes like mashed potatoes and turkey breast, our Chardonnay, Twee Blanken, or Vioginier are like the perfect dance partners, leading you into a world of flavor finesse. On the flip side, if you're opting for heartier, darker flavors, let the bold notes of Gravity, Cabernet Franc, or Bailey’s Bold sweep you off your feet, especially when paired with the succulence of turkey dark meat and the earthy embrace of stuffing.

The Balancing Act

Thanksgiving is notorious for its sweet and tart tag team – cue cranberry sauce and sweet potato dishes. For your sweet tooth cravings, let Lakeside or Sideway’s join the party with their touch of sweetness, gracefully complementing the sugary allure without stealing the spotlight. On the tart side of things, consider the dynamic duo of Petit Manseng or Lady May Rose; their higher acidity will waltz through the tartness of cranberry sauce, creating a harmonious balance that's music to your taste buds.

In the midst of all this, don't overlook the magic of sparkling wine! Whether it's the classic sophistication of Champagne, the vivacious spirit of our North Block, or the playful charm of Tramosa, these bubbly delights are the life of the party. With their effervescence and zesty acidity, sparkling wines can be your versatile partners, making every bite a celebration.

Experiment, Sip, Repeat: Remember, wine pairing is an art and a science, but above all, it's about enjoyment. These guidelines are your compass, but the true adventure lies in experimentation. Offer a variety of wines, both red and white, to cater to different tastes. So, as you gather around the table this year, raise your glass to the art of pairing wine with the flavors of gratitude and togetherness. Cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving!

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